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Welsh Sports Association
Wales Sport Award Nomination 2018

Play On Development is a company committed to improving access to physical activity, physical education, sport and the creative arts for children aged 4 – 11. We offer flexible, individually designed programmes to ensure challenge, progression and improvement in a safe, enjoyable and inclusive learning environment.

Our vision is: to inspire, empower and engage a generation of young people to become physically literate; to support the sustainable development of all young people to be confident, competent and healthy movers;

to deliver high quality learning programmes for children, teachers, parents and communities; to enhance opportunities for delivery of the Literacy and Numeracy Framework; to promote the development of key skills: thinking, problem-solving, ICT, working with others and the Curriculum Cymraeg through active learning; to support the Welsh Assembly Government’s commitment to ‘make physical literacy as important a skill as reading and writing’ to support leaders and managers to create a vision for sustainable physically active learning environments.

For schools and parents

For schools we create and deliver innovative, high quality, bespoke programs for;PPA cover,Curriculum PE and extra curricular PE activities, Foundation Phase activities,Key Stage 2 (KS2) curricular activities, sports days, PE CPD, including delivering the PESS program across Wales. Our work is designed to develop children’s physical literacy, as well as their literacy, numeracy, problem solving and thinking skills. [More]

For parents we provide affordable, exciting and enjoyable ‘School Holiday Active Literacy and Numeracy’ programmes that aim to prevent the dip in literacy and numeracy inspiration, motivation and attainment that many children experience as a result of the summer holidays. The programmes are embedded by literacy and numeracy, and delivered through fun, engaging, and appropriately challenging physical activity, and the creative arts. [More]

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