What we do

At Play on Development we create and deliver bespoke programmes for physical development, physical education and sport for children in both the Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2. Our sector-leading provision is based on: extensive knowledge and understanding of physical literacy; in depth knowledge and experience of working in the primary education sector and understanding of the importance of child-centred learning

Foundation Phase Activities
We plan and design our programmes in partnership with the school and ensure curriculum coverage of both creative and physical development in the Foundation Phase. Our provision is based on the principle that effective early years’ education should offer a strong foundation for life-long learning through developmentally appropriate programmes; we celebrate the existing successes of learners which aims to secure sustainable improvements in standards.

KS2 Curricular Activities
We plan and design our programmes in partnership with the schools and ensure coverage of the KS2 curriculum. Our provision is built on celebrating the existing successes of learners and providing a value-added experience which aims to secure sustainable improvements in standards. In addition to developing physical literacy, opportunities to enhance key skills in literacy and numeracy are a key feature of our planning and delivery. Our programmes provide active, safe, challenging and enjoyable experiences for all learners.

Health, fitness and Wellbeing (HfWB)
Health, fitness and wellbeing (HfWB) are promoted through all activities; children research the effects of exercise on their bodies and make presentations as groups and individuals to others, supporting oracy, reading, writing, art and ICT.

Sports Days
Play On Development can deliver a memorable sports day in your school.  Our skilled, energetic and knowledgeable staff will ensure that your pupils will take part in, and enjoy, the benefits of healthy competition.

Activity Camps
Play On Development activity camps provide enjoyable and stimulating sports and activities during the school holidays, for children between the ages of 4 and 11. We offer a wide variety of activities each day to suit the interests of all children. All our staff are fully qualified to work with children and have enhanced DBS checks. We have excellent adult to child ratios, ensuring that your child gets the attention and care they deserve. Our programs will engage children in their chosen activities, as well as developing skills such as confidence, cooperation and teamwork. All activity coordinators have relevant coaching qualifications.

For Parents

  • Book your child in for full weeks or single day options at our sports camps
  • Use our ‘extra time’ service to fit in with your busy work schedule – drop children off from 08:00 and pick up at 17:30
  • Good staff to child ratios
  • All coaches CRB/DBS checked and qualified to work with children
  • Variety of fun activities including classroom based sessions as well as multi-sports

For Schools

  • Booking an ‘on school site’ camp – We can provide flexible delivery from one day to a full week
  • Paying for pupil places on one of our pre- existing camps
  • Working in conjunction with a cluster group of schools to run a sports activity camp

We work with schools and sports clubs to host holiday sports camps. These camps take several formats from multiple to single sport, half day to full day and weekend to week camps. At each camp the quality of delivery and focus on fun is at the heart of everything we do to ensure children’s enjoyment and learning.

We guarantee excellent value for money on these camps whether you are funding an entire camp based at your school, or paying for individual pupil places. We can gear camps towards activity specific outcomes for the children, for example working on leadership skills, team building or skill acquisition.

Safeguarding Children
Safeguarding Children is a priority for Play On Development. All our staff have enhanced DBS checks and ‘Right to Work’ checks are undertaken on prospective employees before they are able to work with young people.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we are adhering to ‘Safeguarding Children: Working Together Under the Children Act 2004’. Our Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy is available upon request; all employees and volunteers are required to comply with its guidance.

Extra Curricular Activities
At Play on Development, we recognise the importance of out-of-hours activities. We will provide your pupils with opportunities to: increase participation in physical activity and enhance fitness levels; build upon curriculum learning; begin specialising in specific activities; make self-determining choices and decisions about their involvement; get involved in the running and leadership of activities; socialise with peers from other classes and year groups. We work hard to meet each schools individual needs; our flexible approach allows us to respond to changes in schools’ timetables and schedules of school days. All activity coordinators have coaching qualifications relevant to specific activities.

PPA Cover – Physical Education
We provide sustainable and cost-effective cover for PPA time. Our sector-leading provision is based on extensive pedagogical experience and child-centred learning, in physical and creative development in the Foundation Phase and PE in Key 2. All our activity coordinators receive CPD, including specific training on behaviour management and organisation.

Physical Education
We deliver physical activity, PE and sport creatively, ensuring that all programmes are embedded by literacy and numeracy.

Through Competitive Activities children complete a wide range of realistic tasks: Athletic Activities allow children to take part in running, jumping and throwing, which involve measuring, using data (collecting and analysis), reasoning, number and ICT skills; playing modified games, enables children to take on different roles, (reporter, official, interviewer, announcer), which involve reading, writing, oracy and ICT. Taking part in modified games tournaments allows children to use the skills of measuring and using data.

Our Adventurous Activities programmes allow children to complete realistic tasks that involve planning and evaluating individual and group responses to challenges, using key words related to their activity. This incorporates oracy, reading, writing, and skills of reasoning, number, measuring, using data, cooperation, teamwork and problem-solving.

Through the Creative Activities of gymnastics and dance, children develop a variety of skills, techniques and compositional ideas that relate to space and shape in movement. Children make and describe shapes and patterns, understand vocabulary related to position, direction and movement and discuss properties, including lines of symmetry and angles. They also use the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The Creative Arts
Our connected learning programmes provide excellent and fun learning experiences. Through these programmes, children engage in a wide range of learning experiences, including addressing social issues. The activities we provide enable the ‘voice of the child’ to be heard.

School holiday active literacy and numeracy programmes
During the main school holidays holiday periods, Play On Development run unique ‘Active Literacy and Numeracy’ programmes for children from 4 to 11 years of age. Our programmes aim to prevent the dip in literacy and numeracy inspiration, motivation and attainment that many children experience as a result of the summer holidays. Our programmes are developed in partnership with individual schools; the content and organisation of the programmes are designed to meet both the priorities of each school and the specific learning and pastoral needs of individual children.

The programmes are embedded by literacy and numeracy, and delivered through fun, engaging, and appropriately challenging physical activity, and the creative arts. All activity coordinators are qualified in a range of activities that they deliver and have been selected for their understanding of the importance of child-centred learning and friendly personalities

Family & community based activities
At Play On Development, we know that taking part in sport and physical activity can have enormous benefits for children, families and communities. Our programmes include: multi-sports; dads and lads, and other family based activities – playing sport and being physically active together – creating memories that will last for ever; parent and toddler groups – children having the opportunity to play with new toys and experience new fun activities and parents have the opportunity to socialise with other parents; physical activity and exercise for older people – helping you to stay healthy, energetic and independent, and experiencing family open days at local sports clubs.